I've been through several of the iterations mentioned above. I finally settled on two small notebooks. The first is a small 3x5 notepad for recording negative info; sheet holder number, subject, N or N+ or N- ect for development, once in a while, the shutter speed and f stop. I also assign a sequential number based upon the format, year, and exposure number for the year. For example, the fifteenth 8x10 neg taken in 2004 would be numbered 84015. A 4x5 neg would be numbered 44015. This provides the crossreference index that is carried over to the printing info.

The second notebook, daytimer size, is used for the printing info. Take the negative number, paper brand/type/grade, exposure info, developer, development time, contrast filter if applicable. For the final version, the "fine print" all the above is noted along with any burn/dodge info.

Short, sweet, no forms, no holes to punch. I can easily find print info for any neg I've printed.

Those little GI message books are great if you can get them. My horded supply ran out years ago. (Duhhh, the daughter is in the service now!)