I am starting out in pt/pd printing. It seems I have managed to read too much information regarding this process and succeeded only in confusing myself. I will be getting the Arentz book, but this is all being shipped here to Australia together so I will not have the benefit of reading it before I order chemicals. This is where your knowledge is very helpful!

My main concern is contrast control. It seems the best way to go is to use Potassium Dichromate in the dev? My questions are:

Assuming I will be doing 4x5 for now, how much potassium oxalate should I order?

How much potassium dichromate should I order, and in what ratio should I mix it with the dev for the various contrast levels?

How does using potassium dichromate instead of ferric oxalate #2 affect your sensitizer mix? Ie. do I simply use more ferric oxalate #1?