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thanks Sandy and Jorge, I did notice the p.o. is more expensive. So far I have used the sodium citrate. I put a larger humidifier in the room so I can get the humidity up to 60%. I would like to try to cut the clearing time a little. Using the 3% citric acid solution I have been clearing for 4 minutes. I have not had any stain on the unexposed coating so I thought I would try reducing to 3 minutes. How will I know when the clearing time is inadequate?

Adequate clearing will be indicated by the fact that there is absolutely no stain left in the areas of the paper that were sensitized but that received no exposure. If there is any stain at all your clearing was inadequate. Fogging could also cause stain but assuming that you are drying your sensitized paper in the dark, or in very low light, this should not be a problem.

For a more methodical approach see the section on how to verify clearing at Jeffrey Mathiias' site. H

Sandy King