I've been reading up on Willie Beutler's formula.
..."new Adox thin films"
Does it work OK with continuous agitation .... ?[QUOTE]

Thin emulsion films and Beutler's or FX-1 go together.
Not fine grain developers unless the film IS fine grained.
Both are designed to make the MOST of slow very
high resolution films.

My formula is 1, 5, 6, grams metol, sulfite, carbonate mono.
An easy fit in a 1/8 liter bottle. Fill four 1/32 liter bottles and
use one-shot. For the films mentioned, good for four rolls of
120; FX-1, 2 rolls. Also, the two are good print developers
of the Ansco 120/Beer's A type. In fact you may like to
use Ansco 120 or Beer's A as a Beutler/FX-1 type film
developer. Allow at least 1 gram of sulfite per roll.
For continuous, keep solution volumes up. Dan