While getting Dick's book is not a requirement, I somewhat consider it the 'bible' of platinum printing. When I first started out, it had all the steps necessary to get through the process. However, even more useful is the formulary aspect of the book, which has many use formulations and procedures that you can use in pt/pd, including the dichromate approach that you are asking about.

There is no other book that I've seen that has all of this information compiled together into a single reference.

FYI, Dick discusses using SODIUM dichromate in a 50% solution, not potassium dichromate, however, there has been some speculation whether they are all functionally identical. I think they may be, except that it is possible to get sodium dichromate into a much higher percentage solution than potassium, and likewise for ammonium.

What's important is that you have the same amount of dichromate in the developer, and using saturated solutions, it will take more if you use potassium dichromate instead of sodium dichromate.

Yes, Jorge, I'm back. I've decided to give it one more try.