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That's good news . . . maybe.

The larger issue may be how park officials interpret the equipment being used, and the potential inconsistency in that interpretation - the old "pro" camera on a tripod sort of issue. The "crew of up to 2 peope" would seem to allow one to photograph one's (model-material) spouse with a view camera, but adding a (model-material) daughter might be a problem.
I have to agree with Ralph regarding his comment regarding the "pro" camera on a tripod. I mean, bigger camera/more equipment = professional to a lot of people.

For example, I was shooting with a 4x5 with a 90 mm Nikkor-SW and a tripod a couple of years ago at a balloon glow and I was asked twice (by various people attending the event, not any security related people) if I was with one of the local tv stations.