You are obviously a 'the glass is half full' person, while I'm obviously a 'the glass is half empty' person.

Rather than the first of a five part series I read it with disappointment, as it seems to me more a four page 'teaser' for a four part series on lith printing.

There's little there for someone who is familiar with lith printing with the old papers, other than a reassuring 'there are some new papers that you can use, and i'll tell you about them next time.

There's also no simple explanation or advice for someone who might consider starting, but sufficient technical detail to discourage. A comment that one of the easiest papers to use for lith printing is (Paterson Acugrade Warmtone), and it works well with (Fotospeed LD20) would have given the begiiner a starting point to experiment with now, rather than wait another month. (And if I'm wrong about the easiest I want to know! For the beginner it even has the advantage of being a resin coated variable contrast paper, unlike all the others I'm aware of.)