Michael is back! Jorge is back! & I notice Don is helping someone in the Gallery! I just can't let these wonderful resources go to waste... This posting has been languishing on the other site with no replies and I would appreciate some assistance, I want to size some paper (real paper not my usual 'experimental' stuff)... so....

Oxalic Acid for sizing papers for Pt/Pd..... Is the formula for a 1% solution based upon weight or volume....... Eg. 1gram of Oxalic Acid to 100 ml of H20. Is this one shot chemistry or does it have a shelf life? Is the sizing usually just brushed on or is it immersed in the solution, if so for how long?
I found other sizings listed that were tested by the JAIC... "arrowroot, 1.4% (w/v); gelatin, 0.66% (w/v); gum arabic, 15% (v/v)". Does the w/v indicate grams per 100 ml.?
Actually the entire document is a good read with some detailed test results if you have not seen it:
The link is for the page that relates to my questions..... Surprisingly, I noticed they are using gelatine with no inhibiting reactions just a little reduction in contrast.... Who knew.... (I guess Kerik did)!!
Thanks in advance...