I've been doing some research and come up with a possible venue. I was thinking of 'The Lifeboat Inn' at Thornham. It's right on the coast next to a creek full of old fishing boats, about a mile from vast beaches backed by sand dunes. I've stayed there myself a few times although it's quite a bit more expensive than the Green Dragon. (Unfortunately all the pubs in North West Norfolk tend to be expensive places to stay, but they're good) The food is excellent as is the beer and they can even serve breakfast before 9 on a saturday! They have several rooms including a 'snug' which will fit about 20 in which we can book if we're eating there.

If it's too expensive I'll look again. Alternatively there's loads of B&Bs in the area.



As for dates I can make any weekend from mid-september except the last 2 weekends in October (Although That's 1/2 term and the evenings will be getting shorter by then anyway)

Let's have your thoughts!