I just received the ATL-1, and am quite happy with it. It looks in great shape, well taken care of. Came packaged with two 2830/2840 (16x12) paper drums, a smaller 2800 series paper drum, a 3006 expert drum (4x5/5x7), 2 1520+1530 (1540) film tanks, a single 1520, a 2500 series film tank, about a dozen 120 stainless reels, a few plastic reels, 16 chemistry bottles that look clean, a separate CPE2 heater unit for a holding bath, lots of documentation, and a bunch of random knicknacks like spare light traps, lids, spare fuses, roller bearings/assemblies, etc. Might turn out to be a pretty good deal for the $700 I paid if it works, too. The previous owner said the circulation pump starts out slow but picks up pretty soon as it warms up, but I might want to replace it sometime. It's the regular CPP-2 unit.

Checking the manual I'm happy to see it actually tempers the rinse water, and the feed only needs to be ballpark. So if it's sat 5-10 minutes in the hose between the mixer and the processor it should still be fine... I might also skip the drain and just use a large bucket for the rinse water, will have to see what the plumber says. The rinse water tempering means I won't have to trickle the feed to keep the water warm.

I'm excited now!!!