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Why do you prefer ammonium chlroide?

And would you post a mixing formula of ammonium chloride + palladium, or is it same as with sodium chloride?

Sandy, The PdCl2 should be mixed at a 1 mole to 2 mole ratio with the Sodium, Ammonium, Lithium chlorides. ( as well as cesium, although rarely used) . The Pd mix is also use with the FO or AFO at a 2 to 1 mix. Although it needs to be 1.4M to .7M for the PD mix; at least that is the information in Ware paper that dates back to 1986. And While the paper is based on the AFO approach to printing, it rang bells the entire time I read it while I used the more traditional FO formula.

I use 5g PdCl2 with 3.5 NaCl, 5g PdCl2 with 3.1 NH4Cl, and 5g PdCl2 with 2.6g LiCl. All sligtly higher than formula suggest to make sure there is adequate ions running around to mix properly