The digital journalist is primarily about photojournalism, which used to be one of the highest callings a photographer could have. the business has certainly changed quite a bit and depends on digital tools to survive.
That said, there are still some photographers who choose to use B&W film in a more contemplative approach to covering the news and the results are as good as anything from the classic Look and Life days. PDN devoted an issue to the subject of classic vs digital PJ coverage a while back.
My primary reason to read the digital journalist is Bill Pierce's monthly column - lots of wisdom - much of it on standard analogue tools.
I have the 15th edition of the Leica manual from around the early 70's. Bill has a series of brilliant technical articles in it. One, in particular, "Getting the most out of Black and White film" should be required reading or anyone getting started with B&W. It cut a year off my learning curve.