What is the available light situation that forces you to shoot at 2 seconds? If you got next to a window with a good amount of light coming in, I'd think you would be able to get at least F5.6 at 1/60 at ISO 100.

As to pushing film, I've never done it and don't understand why so many people go in that direction. It's an easy way to get ugly highlights and poor shadow detail. I almost always pull film and reduce development, but that's just me.

How about flash? You can do amazing things with flash by getting creative with lighting controls. I've got a cheap piece of translucent white fabric from a fabric shop. Stretch it between the subject and the flash and with a little practice, you can approximate a softbox. Throw in a junk store flash on a $15.00 slave and you've got backlight. I use a (gulp!) digital camera for lighting tests.