I guess I should have said my cheap homemade lighting system in the basement!

1-90w flood w/ homemade diffuser as main light
1-4'x4' matboard reflector
1-250 halogen aimed at white background(bedsheet)

also, with a 210mm f6.3 lens at 4ft from subject DOF would be miniscule if I shot wide open. I was thinking in the f22 range which would give me approx 3-4 inches DOF.

I took some polaroids of myself last night and was somewhat pleased with the results. Not with the subject(me), but the lighting.

I'll try to scan and post a pic later.

It got me thinking that maybe I'd try it with a more pleasing subject. The little guy!


p.s. My wife is still recovering from the surprise 4x5 purchase. Adequate studio lighting will have to wait until the dust settles!