At a time when I'm discontinuing my subsriptions to three other UK photo mags, I'm just about to renew my subscription to B&WP for another two years.

If you're reading this then congratulations Ailsa for a really great job in producing something excellent that stands out from the crowd; not an easy task!

Please don't increase the amount of digital covered in your publication. I appreciate that the market is going that way and I honestly have nothing against it. However, there are already a ludicrous amount of publications that specialise on digital equipment and technique and the mainstream mags are focussing more and more heavily on it too.

It is so refreshing to have at least one publication where traditional techniques are still discussed in depth and in an intelligent manner.

As a lith-novice I look forward to seeing the rest of Tim Rudman's series. Seeing a few more of your prints would be nice too; I've enjoyed what little I've seen in past issues!

All the best,