Ok, some observations. If people want to mount the print this does not have to be on a mat board, you can mount it on heavy weight hot pressed watercolor paper which will lend "body" to the print without making it too heavy or cumbersome.
So as it stand the consensus is:

1- revolving portfolio size 11x14
2- either contact prints or enlargements up to 11x14
3- observations, questions, could be added to a note or page. Critique? not stablished yet.
4- prints will have name and/or information attached to the back of the print.
5- participants will e mail their address to either Brian or David and they will in turn will compile them and put them in somekind of e mailable list (xcel?) in the order in which the portofolio will be mailed.
6- Number of participants? I think 20 is a good number. If we have more then we can start a second portfolio.
7- The organizers will e mail a little form or statement which will say that APUG, the staff, and the organizers of the exchange are not responsible for missuse, loss, shipment damage etc, of the prints. Each members who includes a print must print this little form and sign it and attach it to the print.

One more thing to think of is the country of origin of the member. Some of us reside outside of the US and shipping to/from us will be more expensive. For example the member who is to be before me will have to ship the portfolio to Mexico (more expensive) this will in turn take more time to get here (usually 2 weeks air mail). In my case shipping back to the US is not a big deal since mail boxes etc can get it done in 7 to 10 days, but if we are talking to Australia or NZ then we have a whole new ball of wax to deal with. So I propose those who wish to participate e mail your address to Brian/David ( I leave it up to them to coordinate) and see which are the mayority of the members and their countries. As much as I would regret not to be able to participate I would understand if this exchange is made only for members in the US, etc. for logistical reasons.

So lets make a descision here on these points and have either Brian or David post a "call for participants" for the print exchange.

PS. Steve is up to you, if you think the Fuji enlargement is a good example of your best work then by all means do it.