I really think that is a great deal of value to what you have observed, researched, and written. Of course I am writing from the perspective of someone who wants my images to be about something more then a "thing itself". Perhaps those who do commercial or portraiture will have a different idea from mine. I realize that they are entitled to their opinion.

Speaking from my perspective, as I view my images...I already know that something moved me to make the exposure. However for another person viewing this image the "name", if it is afixed, takes away from the experience of "seeing" for oneself.

It is interesting to me, in my observation, that many are indoctrinated to think in terms of "seeing things"...when confronted with an alternative of experiencing in a different way some will engage in "seeing" and some will choose not to see by classifying the image as "uninteresting".

I do think that "art" is personal to the observer. To "name" an image in a readily identifiable way takes away from this personal experience, in my opinion.

Great thread.