Like you I do not like to name my photographs. For a long time I was putting nothing on them at all. Since a lot of my photos are pretty abstract, I prefer not to tell the viewer what they are looking at. They may see something far more interesting. But people seem to want names and if they go into an exhibit, they all end up being called 'untitled'. I got tired of that and started naming them after where and when they were taken. Most times that gives no clues to the content of the picture.

However, the first time I saw one of your photos with the Chinese names, it was 'Ran Shu Yi', I was distracted by the title. What I mean by that is that I spent more time than I should of looking to see if there was a likeness of one of the Chinese deities in the woodwork, and not enough time just looking. I couldn't find her so I went on to the next picture. That's when I realized that the names had no direct connection with the content. At that point I had to go back so that I could appreciate the picture on its own terms.