I think that one should avoid sentimental or emotional titles like "The Joy of Springtime" or "Intense" (I've seen portraits with this kind of title!) or "Youth has its Fling" in most cases. It's the job of the photograph to convey the emotion.

It's probably unnecessary, more often than not, to use vague titles like "Rock and Stump" or "Old Castle" that don't add anything to what is plain from the image.

I usually label landscapes with the location and the date and portraits with the name of the subject and the date. Sometimes details in the landscape do best with a description of what the subject is and the location, even if the subject seems kind of obvious, because it would be rhetorically confusing to have a title like "Grand Canyon, 1995" when the subject was some wildflower next to the trail.

So if there is to be a title, I think it should be concrete, enough to provide some geographical or historical context if there is any to be had, but the rest of the interpretive work is up to the image and the viewer.