I am like some of the others and now use a digital voice recorder. I tried the paper notes but found it difficult and/or time consuming recording enough information about a scene to help me evaluate the final print in regards to the scene layout. Notes on exposure, zones, N-development and such just was not sufficient for me to learn from.

On the digital recorder I just "babble away" describing the scene, my intentions or visualization, the film holder # and EI, the N-development and any other things I think may help. I then just keep this on the recorder until such time as I print the neg. If I want a long term record I then transpose the information, otherwise I just erase it.

This recorder is very small and also permits me to save the recording as a "wav file" for future reference should I wish to erase and reuse the space. I have yet to use this but it is nice to know that it is possible.

I really find it much easier and considerably more helpful if I can just verbally describe my intentions and the scene during the shooting and then refer back to that when I am developing and printing.

Just my thoughts,