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I created a "washer" of plastic electrical tape, and attached it to the viewfinder trim, to keep the knurled metal from scratching my glasses. Now the glasses can be pressed tightly up against the camera, improving the view a little, while not damaging the glasses' coatings.

I find that a couple of layers of either clear or black nail polish on the metal edges does a good job of protecting my glasses.

People forget that the Kiev4 is really just a continuation of production of what was arguably the best 35mm in the world before WWII, the Contax II. Good enough for Robert Capa, among others. My 1939 copy of Press Photography with the Miniature Camera notes that the Contax is slightly more popular among press photographers because of the quieter shutter (!) and earlier availability of fast lenses. They also define miniature as anything from 35mm to 6x9!