Seems like a good summary, Jorge. Brian and I need to talk, then, to see how to organize things. I'm happy to do some of the organization, but at the same time if Brian or someone else feels strongly about doing it or wants to split up the duties in some way, that's fine with me too.

I think it would be great if this were an international exchange. Maybe once the list of participants is established, we can find a few volunteers willing handle the more hefty postal fees, or if we have the right combination, maybe we can sequence them so that it's not too onerous for anyone.

On Steve's machine reprint issue, I agree with Jorge. Obviously we are taking some risk by shipping a portfolio around the world, and I can certainly understand why someone wouldn't want to put a unique item like a Polaroid at risk like that. Of course individual conventional prints are unique in their own way, but Polaroids even more so.