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Sandy King
I am curious to know exactly what you found to be too much work about the use of ABC and PMK.

"My first 8x10 negs were plagued by blotches, streaks and irregular development. I solved these (for the most part) with long pre-soaks in alkalinized distilled water and by cutting down the batch development to no more than 4 negs in a tray. Development times were usually 18 minutes with PMK, and I had to wear gloves.

With HC110, a short presoak in filtered water; batches of 8; and 7 minute development times without gloves makes my life easier. Face it, developing film is just not the best part of ULF photography."

I never got any streaks and such with PMK and tray development, but I did with rotary processing, which is one of the main reasons I developed the Pyrocat-HD formula. On the other hand PMK is definitely not an ideal developer for those printing with the alternative processes because of the very long develoment times required to get enough contrast. Rollo Pyro and Pyrocat-HD, on the other hand, are much more energetic and develoment times with these developers are less than half of PMK for a given CI.

BTW, you might want to think again about not using gloves with HC-110. I believe it contains hydroquinon and other reducers which are only slightly less toxic than pyrogallol.