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Hi everyone!

I just recently returned to darkroom printing and experience some problem with my negs which was OK for scanning on Epson 4990 - they seem to be too low in contrast and printing them even with highest contrast filter (Ilford below lens set) or highest magenta setting at DeVere 504 Dichromat head gives me too low contrast. If I got it right split grade printing isn't recommended for low contrast negs? Any other possible way to increase contrast?

Ahh the joys of the digital age...poor negs for printing. Sorry, not being mean, its just funny to me.

You can start several ways, although I'm not sure you'll get back the needed contrast. First, try straight print developer...undiluted, with your #5 filter and see if that helps. You can always selenium tone (1:3) the negs for added contrast. There used to be a product called Chromium Intensifier made by Kodak that would also help. Maybe the Photographers Formulary makes a version. If so, try that first before the selenium. Maybe a combination of all 3 will get you what you need.

Good luck