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Many of the contributors to this forum have vastly more experience than I, but let me suggest that IMHO it's all about the negative, not about the chemistry.
Well, it may not be "all about the negative" but it is surely a lot about the negative, which is why I think that a sound understanding the sensitometry of negative making and print making will make your work a lot easier save youy both time and money.

And I agree with Michael about the Dick Arentz book. Although some may object to the heavy dose of sensitometry I don't think there is any doubt but that it is the most compleete book on Pt/Pd printing out there. The book Carl Weese did with B&S is also a very good reference.

BTW, Dick is currently in the final stages of a revisioni of his book and I think it should be coming out later this year. I did an appendix on UV light for the book and use quite a bit of sensitometry in comparing the results from different light sources.