That is one beautiful image. (despite Sandy being the subject ).

In all seriousness, there is simply no photographic process that produces something as wonderous as daguerreotype. I have been fortunate to see a lot of examples and am always blown away by their beauty.

As far as using mercury, it is no more dangerous then a lot of household items if used improperly. I have a friend who is an intern in Baltimore and he says you would be amazed how many times a year people are brought in after inhaling fumes from mixing either by accident or on prupose chlorine bleach and ammonia cleaner which produces deadly chlorine gas. It is always important to read labels, follow instructions and just don't be stupid.

I don't think I have ever seen a website involving daguerreotype that does not repeatedly warn of the hazards of using bromine and mercury without the proper training and equipment.

Anyway good for you Sandy, and I would bet the carbon print you traded was exquisite in its own right.