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I've got a Colorstar 2000 that I'm hoping will assist me, but so far I haven't been able to locate a manual to explain how to work it properly! A couple of times it's 'analysed' a neg and given a good exposure to use.. other times I know it's off, so I'm back to test strips for the moment!
Check out JOBO's web site. I think (last time I looked) they have manuals on-line in .pdf format.

I use the ColorStar 3000. I find it indispensable for color work, and *very* useful for black and white. Indispensable, but exactly like any exposure meter, it is not a perfect, automatic system - it requires thought and a little human intelligence.

It does allow tracking of results, and feedback into cause-and-effect. Without it, I'd be bouncing around all over the place.