I recently asked a well-known and reputable US dealer about the possibility of getting some 11x14 E100VS from Kodak - this is my preference to Fuji's Provia 100F and Velvia, and you might recall that it did well in comparisons in View Camera magazine. I mentioned the usual figures quoted - minimum order of $10 000 and about $190/box. Although no figures can be provided at this stage, it doesn't sound too difficult for us to arrange this - for now at least, there seems to be a little window for us to take advantage of, and freeze the stuff! I would make a considerable dent in the minimum order, but would need some other people to be willing to buy some as well.
I'm not sure it would work for people to take a box or two - unless we're inundated, people would probably have to be willing to stump up for at least a few boxes. This would be arranged with the dealer themselves, not through me. Anyone possibly interested? These opportunities will eventually die out!