Okay, I've rebuilt my shutter and put it all up in a series of pages at:

Please let me know of any typos (bound to be lots) and any additions or corrections you feel it needs. FWIW, I never did get around to finding the cord that I wanted. For this rebuild I used 1mm model ship rigging which I had ordered sight unseen. It turned out to be just like normal thread but does the job. Next time I might try (non waxed) leather working thread which can be bought thicker than usual dress-making thread.

The shutter cloth I bought from Japan seems first rate and I have enough left over for another three or four shutters.

Next job is to find a source of very small woodworking screws. If anybody knows of a source in Australia I would be grateful of the information but I suspect I will have to go with someone like micro-tools that does international mail order.