The clock has been reset to this next Friday night May 19th. Neither Tif nor I can be there any sooner. The magazines cover the rep forgot to tell me (because she didn't know until Friday morning) was not dry yet. Once it dries it has to be sent out to be UV coated. If we were going for a lesser quality publication this would not have been a problem. The soonest the company was open that can do the UV coating is Monday morning. So The covers are returned to Banta, and the magazine stitched, (notice it is not one of those that gets glued together like the cheap ones) and I could pick up the cases late Wednesday. ARRRGGGGGHHHHHHHH I was packed and literally moments from leaving when I got the word about all of this. SOOOOOOO for those who would like to help us stuff the envelopes, Can we do this again on Friday Night? I'll furnish the Pizza! Or any other food (sushi) if given warning of likes and dislikes. I have to talk to Alan to see if his empty house in Springville will still be avialable.

For those that know me I could be really upset about this major delay (at least to me it is major) But the person was honest and upfront and told me what is going on. I have no problem with honesty. Now instead of upset, I'm just frustrated with the delay. I may not like it, but I can deal easily with honest information.