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I've returned to using my Nikon Fm2n, after using MF almost exclusively for a couple of years. In fact I am really enjoying and appreciating it. I'm now thinking of buying a second body and wondering about the FM3A. They seem to be a bit more than the Fm2's but are they worth the extra? Any views most welcome.
I've got one that I've been using for just over a year and I've just picked up another - just love 'em. Yes they are jewels and do everything you could want them to - reliable, versatile, travel well and (most important) make you think. I know there's the Auto option but.....if you can track one down then grab it - you won't regret it. It will become an extension of your arm and brain and will probably outlive you - I know mine will outlive me but i havent told my grandson yet!! I know this is more an emotional than rational or technical response thing but the teccies will have their say too.