Yep. Very cool. First APUG-in-person anything Dianna's been to. She recognized a bunch of kindred spirits right away, and told me as we were leaving that barring any kind of emergency, she's going to every North Texas APUG thing from now on.

We had a lot of fun. Harper (our 5-month old daughter) got ansy about an hour and a half into it and couldn't be convinced to quiet down, so we had to take off somewhat abruptly. Next time, we'll get the two-fer kid care deal. I could have sat and talked during the sun's entire travel in the sky, then taken a pot of coffee out on the curb and talked some more while the moon did the same. I feel like I barely scratched the surface of what I wanted to talk to everyone about. Times like this, I remember how nice it was when I was in the Navy and in the company of fellow photographers pretty much 24 hours a day. I'll have to watch myself so I don't run at the mouth too much during the upcoming workshop with Les & Lee.

Having just acquired my new point-n-shoot, an RB67, I got a chance to show David how nice KEH Bargain grade really is. It was a wee bit close quarters, so I didn't do any shooting of everyone.

Next time, we need to get folks to bring prints, like we did for the first get-together.

Here's an idea, maybe everyone could bring a print next time, and we'll come up with some kind of randomization thing that would let everyone go home with someone else's print.

Thanks for the great time, all!
Thanks for organizing this, Dianna!