OK everyone. I have settled on the second choice for weekends. June 23rd to the 25th. It has been a nice weekend in the past and is less crowded in the sweet spots being only 2 weeks before the 4th. It also looks as though many that would like to come can do either one. Sorry to anyone this leaves out, but I hope to do it again.

I'm sorry to leave this hanging for so long, but a couple travel prospects have been being kicked around and I thought I might be going to visit Winter in New Zealand around then, but that is still being looked into and I didn't want to leave you all in the lurch. I am looking forward to this.

I have been very busy, but will try to get a website up soon with info on the gathering... maps, places to stay, etc. I'll post the URL soon. Just wanted to let everyone know the dates.

Think warm... and NO RAIN!! I hope everyone can make it up.