I also want to praise MidWest for their excellent quality of customer service! I bought a used Mamiya 7 lens from them recently that did not quite meet the description given as the focusing was not working 100% correctly. Of course the only way to know this was to put the lens on a camera, shoot negatives and then examine the negatives with a loupe.

Upon discovery I called MidWest and talked with Tom. He assured me he would immediately send me another used lens in as good if not better condition than I had presently received. He was very true to his word as quite quickly the new lens arrived. The replacement lens was in superb condition and I am delighted with the negs.

Thanks MidWest PhotoExchange !

As a sidebar ... the only other online vendor who has equaled or surpassed this level of service for myself is Zager Guitars. The folks also know the meaning of "Cadillac of Service" and they receive my full 100% recommendation.

Kind Regards,