Ok, I gave this a try. I stopped the enlarger down (f / 16), with no filter, and did a test strip at 1 second intervals. 1 & 2 seconds had no easily visible density (no densiometer to check), three did. So I pre-flashed under the enlarger for a bit more than two seconds.

I then exposed the print (27 sec. @ f/11). The difference between it and the non - flashed version was subtle but noticeable. It's still going to need some burning - as it was shot up into the fairly bright sky. There were some highlights that did show more detail ... I'll continue to play around with this and see what happens.

You never do realize how quickly 25 sheets of paper can go away until you have three sheets left and B&H is not accepting orders on Saturday ...

The prints (5x7) also look (rather) grainy, but that's a function of the Tmax, which is an entirely different rant.