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I would consider parts avilability fo the Omega to be a minus. Here in the US I wouldn't consider the Meopta for the same reason.

John, I've always used Omega, and have never had any problems with parts. In fact, I just recently bought an Chromega D5-XL Super Dichroic, and one small part was damaged in shipping. Omage knew of the problem, and sent out a new part (now made of solid brass) right away.

I also use an Omage B-4 for making smaller prints, and an Omage D-3 Autofocus (just because it was my 1st enlarger), for sentimental reasons.

Printing on graded paper helps (no fussing around with filters), although I do enjoy the extra possibilities given when using the chromagenic filtration.

For an extra 20pounds, you can't go wrong.