Well, I do not have the price for the glass plates, but I received my "cut to order" film (NP27 ASA400 / 295 X 375mm) in 2 days, at a total cost of 91.00 Euros for 25 sheets (that's including our very high 16% sales tax and shipping, the film price was 80,43 Euros).

I also picked up my custom machined baseplate for the camera. So it can finally be mounted to the tripod. I was going to paint it black, and may still, but when mounting and unmounting it to my Ries head, it's going to get scratched up anyway. my film sheaths have just received their coat of primer and will be painted black tonight.

I mounted a commercial Ektar 300 on the camera, just to see what would happen, and I just don't get it. Focused at infinity, this lens covers 12X15"! I've always used it on my 8X10" camera without any vignetting, but 12X15? I'll have to shoot a piece of film with this lens mounted to see the results myself, but according to the GG, it covers, as does my Schneider Angulon 210mm.

Here is a pic of the base plate I had made. BTW, the machinist had an apprentice do the work, and he didn't charge me a thing for it! He's also made Lensboards for my Wista without charging as well. This time I was ready for him though, and I gave him a framed photo as a "Thank You".