I just found the Photo Techniques article I mentioned in my previous post. It's in the November/December 2005 issue. They don't seem to have tested the Arista II VC RC paper you mentioned, but they did test the Arista II VC FB paper. The entry for that paper reads:

Arista II VC FB Glossy and Kentmere Fineprint VC
These papers were quite similar, so I'm grouping them together. Their contrast range was limited, going from about a soft grade 1 to a hard grade 3 -- the shortest range of any of these papers. I measured the IDmaxes at 1.84 for the Arista, and 1.88 for the Kentmere.
FWIW, the Ilford, Agfa, and Oriental products seemed to produce the greatest range of contrasts in the PT tests; all could produce grades 0 to 5 (the Ilford papers managed to get 00 to 5).