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I just found the Photo Techniques article I mentioned in my previous post. It's in the November/December 2005 issue. They don't seem to have tested the Arista II VC RC paper you mentioned, but they did test the Arista II VC FB paper. The entry for that paper reads:

FWIW, the Ilford, Agfa, and Oriental products seemed to produce the greatest range of contrasts in the PT tests; all could produce grades 0 to 5 (the Ilford papers managed to get 00 to 5).
I would be fascinated to see what sort of contrast range the Adox Easyprint RC paper can produce as when used with standard Multigrade IV filtration it seems to be about 1 grade harder than the Ilford equivalent not to mention a deeper D-max which is so obvious that no scientific testing is required - just the Mk. 1 human eyeball! The FB stuff is even better and is able to hold an incredible contrast range and still produce an excellent D-max - even better it is about 2/3 the cost of the equivalent product from Ilford! I should say I have no connection with the manufacturer other than as a very satisfied customer!

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