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>some editing< Many who admire Adams think they need to go to the same places in order to emulate his work; but you wind up producing tourist snapshots. Photograph where you live & you're liable to create far more insightful work. And, as Weston said, there is more thrill in finding beauty in the mundane.
I don’t know, last weekend I submitted four photographs in a local juried art show. Two were the “tourist-type post-card” iconic (for Annapolis), and two others were still life / abstracts (not really). The judge kept the first two and rejected the others. The Mate (a watercolorist) suggested just the opposite.

As to where I would prefer to photograph, given no expense or time restrictions, night scenes in towns and city. I realize this can be done quite cheaply in my area, but I am not into self-defense and traveling alone in the spots I desire to photograph are very scary, especially at night. With funds I could afford a body guard :-)