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my claim was based on some things I read about the dangers of having your dental fillings (that contain Mercury) removed, a procedure which is causing some quantity of the amalgam to evaporate and (as stated by some alarmists on the web) create methyl mercury vapors.
Unless you really like dentists, or have reason to believe the tiny quanities of mercury in your fillings is doing you serious harm, I wouldn't recommend getting your fillings removed. The process does *NOT* create methyl mercury, however -- all that's done is the old filling is drilled out and replaced by either a gold filling (expensive) or one made from dental epoxy (cheapish, relatively speaking, though I don't like epoxy fillings much and they don't hold up well on chewing surfaces). Either way, you're paying a dentist to perform a completely unnecessary procedure; the amount of mercury you absorb from a mouthful of amalgam fillings (after the initial curing period of several hours, that time when the dentist tells you not to eat anything and to rinse your mouth several times) is probably less than you'd get by being around locations where fluorescent tubes are carelessly disposed of.

The fillings are effectively harmless where they are, and the process of having them removed isn't much worse (short term -- long term, it's a wash). I just don't see any reason to spend money on it, and your insurance company is likely to agree with me (which means you'll foot the bill out of pocket).

Mercury *is* a poison, don't ever mistake that -- it's just not one that will chase you around the room, tackle you, and force itself into your system, unless already in an organic molecule (of which methyl mercury is the most virulent).