SEANNNNNNNNN Napa valley is real close to marine world. In fact about 25 miles and just one real turn to get there. It is so easy to find from Marine world you will kick yourself if you don't spend just a bit of that day at the Mumm Winery/Gallery. I know how much you love Ansel Adams! It has the largest display of Ansel's work outside of traveling shows. You will be soooooooo close it is one of those for you, once in a life time opportunities. I can get a map that will take you directly to the winery if you want to do that. DON'T miss it. I've taken many apuggers to that gallery, and none have ever regretted seeing it. Go early before you hit Marine world. I think the gallery is open by 10 am. about the same time Marine world would open. This way you can cram both in the same day.