I posted in reference to this a few months back (maybe a year not sure)
I use the "print" pockets from Printfile. I talked with Printfile about the archival nature and they stated they would work (from the archival) standpoint as well as anything. They list them as being ideal for digital prints but the person I spoke with at printfile said that was just a marketing scheme on their part.


I use the 11.7x17.5 sized ones:
11.7x17-6PR (100) (Package of 100)
6 mil Presentation Pockets with 1/16" lip. Size: 12"x 175/16"
Item #067-1117 Price: $28.95 In Stock
Multi-Package Pricing:
[2 - 9 , $26.05 per package]
[10 +, $24.60 per package]

Its a bit of "waste" but I have likely close to 300 now (only know this because Im on my fourth package of 100ct) and they work great so far.
I use the eternity archival boxes in 11x17 size to store the negs.
very economical and keeps the negs handy.
Ive been trying to come up with a solution for storing what will likely only become a larger and larger negatives collection in the future. some 11x17 file cabinets would be ideal as then I could store them vertically and sort them by project/theme/date/etc.
oen of these days Ill figure out a way thats different then just a stack of boxes filled with negatives.