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This is in reference to the Strathmore Bristol?! I just bought mine, from stock at the local Hobby Lobby, about two weeks ago. Their stock level was very low (I got the 9x12 inch in a pad), only a couple pads on the shelf; it's probably a slowish mover for them... :o
Yes, unfortunately it is. I posted a questions about using Strathmore Bristol paper with cyanotypes on the alt-process list and Sam responded with that info about the new batches. My shop was low as well, and they are not exactly the main place for art supplies it seems, so I figured that what I got was old, because this stuff is superb. I've accidentaly deleted his response (doh!) but it should appear somewhere on the alt-process-l archive site (http://www.usask.ca/lists/alt-photo-process/).

- Randy