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Please, please....read this...

-videotaping at a rink in Troy, NY-

The truth is that Jean Hetman, the suposed "victim of discrimination" is a typical "little league" type of skating parent. Jealousy is a big issue with her and she is NOT innocently just videotaping her daughter. She is harrassing the other skaters, coaches & parents in this rink by openly & conspicously taping them to make them feel uncomfortable. I know some of the people she is harrassing very well.

This isn't the first rink she has done it. She is also responsible for the Clifton Park Arena adapting the same policy due to the very same actions and complaints against her for doing this.

Please, please find out both sides of a story before forming an opinion. This policy would have not taken place if it were not for her antics.

This woman portrays a very poor example for her daughter and the other children in the rink. If you do not believe me...please call the rink and talk to them there. 518-235-7761.

The rink officials have been receiving complaints about her for a very long time. Finally, they put up the sign hoping she would stop doing this to the other skaters and coaches. Her actions alone are responsible for the sign and the policy. The rink officials and employees have been nothing but professional, curteous and more than patient in their dealings with her.

This entire ruling was brought about due to her actions and abuse of the system. Then she cries discrimination. Unbelievable. Pretty soon, the people she is victimizing are going to have enough of her and file harrassment charges against her.

Personally, I wish she would find another rink to take her daughter to so that we can all skate in peace without her video camera incessantly in our faces, taping our every move.
This idea that the First Amedndment would be considered okay to skip just to argue over little league figure skating is pretty darned grotesque.