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The image you posted is very pixilated and that makes it difficult to judge, but it looks overdeveloped to me.

If you diluted the HC110 with either high pH water or hot water (or both), that could give your working developer a significant activity boost.
Working solution was mixed at 70 deg.
My litmus paper is probably 10 years old and my garden/potting soil ph tester only works in soil. I have no idea what the ph is, but I do know the city decided to add floride. I've had other negs that didn't do this, so I'm guessing I just had a bad day. Could've been the agitation too. The image was a flat bed scan of the negative. But, I looked at the neg with a loop, and it's still bad. It's not that great of an image to fret about. I just wondered so I wouldn't do it again on something good (good neg).

Thanks for all your suggestions/comments.