I've gone over this in another thread here but I'll repeat the main points. The important things you have to think about, Donald, are the rag content (perhaps you meant this when you said "fiber reinforced") and the sizing. Any mostly rag paper will hold up well in wet processes. Think about what happened the last time you washed a dollar bill (100% rag) in your pants pocket as opposed when the same thing happened to a sheet of note paper.

Surfaces of art papers are rather vaguely catagorized by the roughness or "tooth" they present to the artist. I suspect what you are calling cold pressed is actually what a painter would call rough or at lest soft pressed. True cold press is more like sketching pad texture - meant for pencil. Mold-made paper is dried in a large pile between felt pads. Cold press is dried in conatct with metal, Hot press is dried in contact with a hot plate, like a ferrotype plate once used to get glossy prints.

Sizing is what is added to a paper to give it "snap" and to control absorption. Heavily sized paper is meant for ink. Unsized or waterleaf paper is very, very absorbant and is most useful for certain intaglio printmaking, embossing and some types of brush work. Intaglio printmakers (etchers, engravers, woodblock artists, etc.) use all the various papers and adjust their methods to the surface and sizing of the paper.

Stonehenge paper is very nice - a bit softer than most cold press paper and very sturdy. Lenox is also very nice to work with, as is Domestic etch. Rives BFK is my all time favorite for etching but many people like Arches Cover or the lighter Copperplate, a bit harder paper. Fabriano Artistico is another really nice paper. It comes in bright white and in cold press or soft press.

Many of the watercolor papers, in cold press and hot press (somewhat hard and very smooth) can be had in blocks, glued on all four sides with a small place to insert a knife when you wish to separate the top sheet. This way the paper will not buckle at all when coating. Blocks can also be had in smaller sizes. The price range you indicated will get you darn near anything but very specialized papers.

A great source of paper is Dick Blick. They deliver and ship very quickly. Phone ordering will allow you to make sure that what you want is in stock.