For those of you 7 x 17 users (maybe 8 x 20 too) - and some of you may already know this, but I use Seed Trays, which are durable, reuseable and CHEAP!

Sorry for the long link, but its, and you can do a search for seed trays. They provide very nice service. The tray is 22x11x2 3/4, so it's perfect. They have grooves on the bottom for ease of shuffling film if you develop by inspection. Given the size, I suspect it would work for 8 x 20 too, but I have not tried that size. I have done develpment by inspection with 6 - 7x17 images, with no problem.

They are sturdy enough for re-use and pouring chemicals back into containers.

4 or more for $5.73 each... 10 or more is $4.99. I have trays for negs and for paper darkroom work, because they are so in expensive. Would seem to be a lot easier than 16x20 trays.

Just thought some of you might like to know.