Lots of people really like the graphics. There's a huge difference between a monorail and a graphic. In the end though it comes down to your preferences and the cameras end use. Monorails, with some exceptions, don't wrok as well in the field. However, they usually have more movements, which are often geared.

I can't say much about the komura lens. Certainly someone else here knows something about them. I've used many beseler 45mx enlargers. Ansel Adams really liked them.

The pentax analog spotmeter is a nice meter. Most people seem to use the newer pentax digital. That's what i've got. However, I remember reading somewhere that Michael Smith still uses an analog pentax spotmeter. I've seen adds for a battery adapter. Might be worth checking into. In other words, if it aint btoke, don't fix it.

My thoughts on spending your money. I'd put it into lenses. Perhaps a 90mm and a 150mm. There are lots of options here depending upon your cash flow. The older schneider 90mm angulons are quite popular. One of the later versions would make a great wide lens.