Hi Matt,

A great deal depends on what you want to photograph. If you are doing architecture or table top photography the monorail may well be your best choice of camera. If you are planning on doing landscape/nature photography you may want to consider a field camera at some point because of portability considerations.

But aside from that the single most important factor aside from film is the taking and enlarging lenses. The camera is only a conduit to transmit light from the lens to the film. Your electric shuttered lens is reportedly a good lens, the electric shutters are reportedly not in good favor. The other consideration is that when you switched your lens into this shutter the aperture scale may no longer be accurate (depends on the original focal length lens in the shutter).

Considering that you are enlarging these negatives, I would look toward a good multicoated taking lens. The focal length will depend on your preference and intended use. Many excellent lenses are available in the used equipment market.

I used an older Componon lens for enlarging at one time. I have switched to a 150 El Nikkor and the results were improved and apparent immediately.

If I were you, I would check my enlarger alignment. Many use the Bessler enlargers and like them. I have never used them so I can not comment.

Good luck in your photography.

Donald Miller